Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning or Snaking is the 1st option and usually solves the problem by restoring flow. However, for those stubborn drains it is sometimes necessary to hydro jet your drains clean and clear and is usually done if there is a high amount of grease or sludge in your Drain Cleaningdrain lines. Hydro Jetting is true Drain Cleaning. Other times we may need to add acid. Other drain chemicals could be recommended. Most often we snake and add degreaser and your drains are good to go.

For toilet clogs, usually we would Auger / snake the toilet to restore flow. However, if that doesn’t work, you could have further problems down the line needing either a toilet pull and snaking down the toilet hole or closet bend – secondary mainline, primary or may need to vent stack snake depending on the particular problem. Sometimes more then one method is used in order to achieve success. Usually we can resolve issue with 1 – 2 try max based on our diagnostic skills.

Sometimes when there is no clean-out or the clean-outs are not accessible. In these cases, snaking from the roof – down the vent stack is necessary. It’s called “Vent Stack Snaking” and is usually done for mainlines. However, kitchen and laundry lines are snaked this way often enough. All drain configurations and problems are different and require different answers to solve that particular problem.  There is no exact science here.